Innisfree Long Wear Cushion 31&33 Shades Swatches

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Do you have a healthy tanned skin? Do you like the Korean Beauty products such as cushion? Do you hate the limited shades that they offered to the pale tone only?

Fear not my friend, it seems that Innisfree know all our concern and decided to launched the new shades for tanned skin tone people.

This is a great move from Innisfree as they normally carry the relatively light tone shades for people with pale skin. I hope that all other brand can follow the footstep of Innisfree and offered a large range of shades as well.

They also launched another shades which is for pale tone, shade 11 aka ivory. Whoever can use this shades, man I envy you so much, like seriously.

This new version cushion also added a new feature which is pore blur effect which you know cover up you pores and reduce the appearance of it.

Today I borrowed the cushions from my friend so that I can show you the swatches of these shades.

I am going to show you swatches in this post, no review. Beware my swatches game is not strong.

Can I raved about the puff first. Don't you think it is a good applicator? Smooth and even, it does all that. Even Michelle Phan mentioned in one of her videos saying that she used the puff more than the product sometimes.

Pony also used the puff to blend her foundation and concealer as well.

First one is shade 31 aka sand beige. This shades has yellow undertone in it. It remind me of caramel though.

Next one is shade 33 aka deep beige. This shades has a gorgeous brownish color in it. It still has yellow undertone. This shades can made you look like you have a perfect chocolate skin tone, which is pretty in my opinion.It made you look very sporty and sunny.

To show you how dark the shades are, I am going to compared it with the darkest shade from Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion.

See the differences now? Although Etude House cushion is for warm tone but it does not have the strong yellow undertone in it.

That all for this post. Thanks for reading.
Everything is rosy. 

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  1. Hello, i wanna ask where did you buy shade #31 a.k.a sand beige. Its hard to find even in its website. Thank you 😀

    1. Hi, I asked my friend to bought it from Innisfree store at Kuala Lumpur.

  2. In other western brands what is your usual shade?